Learn the art of automotive window tinting! 

The affordable business to start with limited funds!

Learn at your own pace! 

The most complete system on the web today!

For nearly the last 30 years we have been perfecting our skill and today we are sharing it with you. Learn this service and begin a new career that can provide for you and your family. There is a high demand for experienced installers and you can work anywhere in the country that you desire. The sky is the limit in this industry! Get started today!

What will you learn?

From start to finish you will have available the most comprehensive training program available today. This is not some old training video we have been selling for 20 years like some of the training's out there. This is the most current coarse with the most recent techniques. And we keep the training system and videos up to date. We are not teaching 20 year old window tinting techniques. This is the latest and most cutting edge stuff on the web and it will help you become professional, start a business and get paid!

Cleaning Techniques!

The very first step in performing this service at a professional level is prepping. If this step is not done properly then the whole job will fail. You will learn all the most effective cleaning procedures along with the tools and materials needed!

Cutting Patterns!

In this coarse you will learn how to cut patterns by hand. Its good to be able to work off a plotter as it cuts all the film for you but a real tinting professional needs the additional skill set of cutting patterns by hand. This skill is the mark of a true master of the service. 

Installing film professionally

This is where the rubber meats the road. A professional installer needs to be able to transition the ready to install piece of film from the peel board to the actual glass on the car. This can take much practice but if you get a few key pointers you can cut the learning curve in half which means you will be making money sooner rather than later. 

Squeegeeing and finishing

Not to be over looked at all is the process of squeegeeing the film out and learning the proper way to stretch the film so as to avoid bubbles. This is key and also something that comes with practice. You will learn best practices. Where to begin your squeegeeing efforts and how to make sure its dry and water free when done for a proper finish!


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Plus much much more!

In addition to the process of installing the film there are many other things needed to be successful as a business owner in this day and age in this industry. I am going to share everything I have to offer with you. How to start out as a mobile installer and build a business of auto shops and car dealers. I will share my knowledge of book keeping, rent vs buying a commercial space, film and supplies, equipment and software. You name it. I am sharing all my nearly 30 years experience with you!

Get started today and realize a new and enjoyable career doing Automotive Window Tinting!

What Our Past Students Have To Say

“Blown away by the amount of content , Joe has laid it out right”

I  have to say that this coarse is powerful. You will go from no ability to master of every fascist of automotive 

glass tinting. From those first awkward moments to feeling confident in skill learned. I am now doing tinting part time and making extra money!

Thanks Joe

Albert Stewart

Tint Academy Student

“Really enjoyed the self study aspect of this coarse”

I really enjoyed the ability to set up in my garage and follow along with the modules. This gave me the time needed to really sharpen my skills. Happy to say I am progressing and learning this service and hoping to work full time in my own shop. 

Samantha Allen

Tint Academy Student

There is no time like the present, Get started today!