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Getting Started

Introduction to tinting tools and supplies

Tools and supplies

In this lesson, we will walk through some of the tools and supplies used by a professional window tinter. Not all of these tools are needed on day one but this will give good insight as to what is out there. We will also look at the bare minimum tools that you can get by with so you can start working on the cheap and get going. This lesson is designed to make you familiar with what we use here at tint academy and how you to can begin to collect tools and supplies to build your arsenal and bring you to the level of a professional as soon as possible. And heck if you have money to burn then, by all means, get everything you need right away. Let's begin. 

Cleaning the outsides and good prep tips

In this lesson, we are going to walk through the very important process of beginning to work on the car. This is a must step and can by no means be skipped as it is one simple step that will contribute to perfection in our completed job. If this step is overlooked you could potentially contaminate all of your windows and come out with a poor finished product. Do not overlook this step. Let's begin

Different films and qualities

In this lesson, I think it's important to discuss film types and qualities. It's important that you begin with a practice film because you will more than likely be wasting a bit of film during the learning curve. Therefore let's discuss how to go about this in the most sensible way so that you don't burn through a bunch of money in the process. When its time to do a lasting job you can switch to a higher end film. Let's begin

3 Lessons

Side Windows

Cutting Side Doors

In this lesson, we are going to take a deep look at cutting side door windows. This is obviously a very important step. This step can make or break you. If done right your pieces will come out clean and you will be facing and easy installation of said piece. If you, however, rush through this step in your eagerness to finish you will more than likely get frustrated and even quit learning. It's important to pace yourself here and learn the proper techniques. It does not need to be a long lesson but you can certainly overlook it and give it little importance and fail altogether. Don't do that. Take your time. Watch the lesson many times following your practice step by step until no detail is left out. Let's begin!

Cleaning side door windows and prepping for install

In this lesson, we are going to run through the proper process for clean and prepping the side door windows. Again a quality window tinting job is made up of many small seemingly insignificant little steps all put together to make a beautiful system that leads to getting paid and being super satisfied with your work. On the otherhand, if any step is left out you can easily build for yourself very quickly a bad name and even your friends and family will run from you the window tint hack. Don't do this. Take time learning and become a professional. Proper cleaning and prepping is a must. This is the most important step. Let's get started.

Installing side windows

In this lesson, we will look at the art of installing the side door window pieces. This is where the rubber meets the road as they say. A few careful moves here and you will have a very easy time with your side door installs picking up very little to no contamination at all. I have seen people give up learning just because of this step. Don't let that be you. Take time and practice this step. Understand from the very beginning that you are going to waste film and that you are practicing. Many people learning burden themselves with the idea that these first installs are going to be perfect and they don't give themselves the practice time so they quit. Don't be that guy. Take your time. Watch this lesson many times and practice. Every little movement is to be learned and understood. Its a balancing act of sorts and you need to develop your balance. I hope this comes across to you and that you stick with it. Let's begin!

3 Lessons

Back Windows

In this lesson. we tackle the beast. The rear window. This is often thought of as the most difficult window because of the size of the window. I will tell you honestly that many cars for me the back window is much easier and I prefer it over the side window installs. Many times the back window is wide open and easy to install. Don't consider the size alone and let it mentally defeat you. I keep saying this but Don't be that guy! Be the consummate learner and push forward no matter how many mistakes. If you keep trying you will get it right. I often tell my students, plan to mess up a back window at least 5 times when starting out and by the 5th run at it, you will have something to consider decent. Many hours of practice are required in this area alone. Don't start all over again as soon as you notice a mistake. Finish practicing with that piece so that you waste less money and you still practice all areas of the rear window install. Watch the lesson 100 times until its second nature. Let's begin!

Shrinking and Cutting Rear Windows

Shrinking windows and then properly cutting them for fitment!


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